A Little bit about me....

Hey, I’m Becs, and welcome to my little insight into the fitness struggles (and hopefully some wins) of a personal trainer throughout pregnancy and into life as a new mum.


I’ve been a trainer for five years and specialise in body transformations where the focus is on fat loss, muscle gain, and getting clients in incredible shape (Abs) in the shortest and safest, possible timeframe. 


Prior to PT life, I was a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer (fun times), which I fell into after studying Law (with extreme alcohol consumption) at Sheffield University (actual fun times!). I qualified as a PT after trying and failing, fairly significantly, to find work-life balance in

the City and haven’t looked back. 

Enter 2020. With less work and life on pause, that elusive ‘balance’ hit me slap bang in the face.


Closely followed by pregnancy. 


I wanted to use ‘The Preggo Diaries’ to document my own health, fitness, and nutritional journey through pregnancy and beyond. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least. I’m hoping that by sharing my own personal experience, PT knowledge, documenting my training, and constantly changing body, I’ll have a greater understanding of WTF is actually going on and, if you’re on a similar path, just maybe help you feel slightly less hellish in the process.

Ignoring my first year of uni where a meal wasn’t complete without at least five varieties of carbohydrates, I’ve always been pretty lean so post-baby will be my first personal experience of a body transformation. A strong believer in balance, I will by no means be ruining my life to look good during or immediately after pregnancy. I’ll be following a progressive training and nutrition plan to help me stay as fit and healthy as possible during pregnancy and then when I’m ready, help me reach my post-birth goal.


Pre-lockdown I was training for the 2020 London Marathon which, between COVID postponements and baby-making, is currently on hold with a deferred place in 2022 (14 months’ post-birth).  I hoping to achieve this whilst being a good mum (overwhelming as that feels right now), continuing to enjoy life, and not killing myself in the process.

Although I’m pretty focused, I’m under no illusion that next year will be easy. The plan is a balanced approach where I go at my own pace, don’t put too much pressure on myself, but exercise a bit of tough self-love were necessary to reach my goal.

What could possibly go wrong....