A Little bit about me....

Hi, I’m Becs, a personal trainer with over five year's experience coaching clients.  


Throughout my career I've had a variety of roles ranging from coaching (and a bit of raving) at Ministry Of Sound Fitness, to spending the last two years as a body transformation coach at Ultimate Performance, the 'world's leading personal training studio'.


I've learned how to get clients into incredible shape (by building muscle and dropping fat) whilst dramatically improving their overall health, lifestyle, energy levels and confidence.


I'm pre- and post-natal qualified and having recently had my first baby, my mission is to use my skills and experience to help new mums get stronger, fitter and generally feel amazing in the most effective, sociable and fun way possible.


As a new mum, I'm all too familiar with the physical and mental impact of pregnancy and life as a mum and the huge amount of work required to simply recover from birth and get through life, let alone workout. 

Even as a personal trainer, finding the time, energy and motivation (all at the same time) to workout with a baby is seriously challenging. My expectations of what I’ll achieve, versus what I actually achieve day-to-day, are vastly different. Gone are the days of long gym-based workouts and I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I worked out for more than 40 minutes. 


Training alone at home, during sporadic naps (not mine) and on months of broken sleep, it’s no wonder it's a struggle, and I do this for a living! 


I’ve created FHIIT MUM classes and small group personal training to provide new mums with a sociable, supportive place to get a safe and effective workout, whilst still caring for their baby. I place huge emphasis on correct form and throughout each session I’ll be checking and continually adjusting your technique to ensure you really get the most out of your workout.

The aim is get you stronger, fitter, and full of mood boosting endorphins and positive energy.

Efficiency is everything right now!

Sessions are in person (if you're East London based) or online (coming soon), so please get involved and if you're looking for general inspiration to help you get healthy (pre- or post-pregnancy) then check out 'The Preggo Diaries' blog.

I would love to hear from you so if you have any comments or questions please do get in touch.


(If you made it this far thanks and well done!)